About Dennis Schminke

Vicki and I have been married 38 years, and live in Austin.  We have three children–all living in Minnesota.  I grew up in Council Bluffs IA, and graduated from the University of Iowa in 1974 with a degree in business.  I achieved CPA certification in 1984.  We have lived more years (31) in Minnesota than any other state, so we consider ourselves true Minnesotans.

I have been a worker all my life, beginning with a paper route at nine years of age.  I worked in our family businesses through high school and college, and spent summers working at farm work, factory work, and interstate highway bridge construction.  A year ago, I retired after 38 years of business leadership and problem solving.  To this day, I change my own oil, pound my own nails, and cut my own firewood.

Along the way, we have been more-or-less continuously involved in all sorts of community activities–church, coaching, scouting, mentorship programs, service clubs, and the like.

“Our plan for prosperity: It all starts with a job.”

Dennis Schminke
  • Dennis at 2013 Parade

    dennis schminke at 2013 parade
  • Dennis in a planning session

    dennis schminke in a planning session
  • Dennis at 2014 Caucus

    dennis schminke at 2014 caucus
  • Dennis at 2014 Caucus

    dennis schminke at 2014 caucus

About Our Campaign

  • Minnesota State Capitol Building

The central theme of our campaign is A Plan for Prosperity: It all starts with a job.  I am very much a believer in the opportunities available to the people of this country and this great state.  Minnesota is already a prosperous state–blessed with great natural resources and smart, ambitious people.  The great question–and the object of much of our political debates is: What can the State of Minnesota do to improve on that–to maximize opportunities for its citizens?

There are two answers to this question:  Jobs and people ready to fill them

First, state government should be focused on putting in place good environments for transportation, regulation, and taxation.  This is what encourages individuals and companies to invest here–to start businesses, grow businesses, or move here from other locales.

Second, the state must focus on building a world-class education system that equips Minnesotans for these opportunities, provides an ability to grow with them, and build long-term personal prosperity.

  • Basic skills–reading, writing, math, and science–Which are important whether the student is college bound or plans to build a lucrative career in skilled trades
  • Support for the idea of life-long learning–because the rapid pace of technological advancement demand a continuous building of knowledge and skills
  • Cost control and accountability for all of our institutions of post-high school education to make it more affordable

If you want to know more about me–and where I stand on a number of important issues take a few minutes to have a look at the articles below…”Dennis on the Issues”.  Or click on the News/Issues section of the top-ribbon of the home-page.  These are a SERIES of articles I wrote and published in the Austin Daily Herald and other local newspapers.

Dennis on the Issues


A Summary of My Message-Campaign Lit-Pieces

October 7, 2014
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Education for MN in the 21st Century

October 2, 2014
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MNSure--Obamacare in Minnesota (What's Not to Like?)

September 29, 2014
MNSure—Minnesota’s version of the Affordable Care Act (PPACA)…

Contact Dennis

From the opening days of this campaign, I have been meeting with many people from our community to educate myself…to find out more about how state government affects their lives.  I have heard stories of how it has helped–and how it has hurt.  I would LOVE to talk to you, and hear your ideas and experience.  Call or email me, and we can make time to talk.

Phone:   507-481-2452        email at:  dennis@schminkeforhouse.com

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Your contribution to this campaign may be fully refundable using the Minnesota Political Campaign Refund! Click HERE to learn more about your refund.

We would very much appreciate your support with a check mailed to:

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